“Como” – a feature film

The premise

Winston Churchill… Soldier, politician, war hero, man of the hour, leader of the free world, saviour of Europe, consummate historian. He has been awarded all of these accolades.

Perhaps we should also consider… A privileged Victorian, imperialist, opportunist, self-seeking politician, absent husband and father, betrayer of Eastern Europe to Soviet Russia.

Sarah Churchill, Winston’s favourite child

The story

On Aug 3rd 1945, 6 weeks after being defeated at the General Election, Churchill arrives at the Villa Rosa on the shore of Lake Como accompanied by his daughter Sarah, his doctor and an MI6 agent.

This is billed as a ‘painting holiday’ but it has a much darker and dangerous purpose.

Sarah is Churchill’s favourite child, and steadfastly accompanied her father on political missions during the war. Now attempting to revive her career as a dancer, she is recently divorced, drinking too much, at odds with her father and has no desire at all to be part of this jamboree.

“COMO” is the story of four days in September 1945. Days intended to renew Churchill’s high spirits, save his reputation, cement his legacy and mend his disintegrating relationship with Sarah.

But despite the welcoming adulation of the Italian community in Como, the ‘saviour of the free world’ is unable to adapt to his situation, accept the real lessons of history, and the truths thrown at him by his daughter.

All of which, ends in a confrontation with the villa gardener – a decorated, Free Polish fighter pilot who has an agenda of his own.