“Cloning the Hate”

The latest Jack Shepherd thriller

When you open a can and it has prunes in it, it’s a can of prunes. Confirms all your expectations. But open a can of worms and your expectations go viral.

Alfie Barnes, autistic younger brother of Jack Shepherd’s close friend Linda, is beaten to death on the Downs.

Warned by Superintendent Harvey Butler to stay away from the active police case, Shepherd watches the Barnes family struggle to cope. Until Danny Malone, a violent and dangerous ex-copper, knocks on his office door.

Malone’s daughter Amy, a 22 year old soap superstar, has disappeared and Malone wants Shepherd to find her before the issue becomes a front page story. His reward, will be cast iron information on who killed Alfie.

One case bleeds into the other. Working under the police radar, Shepherd digs up a host of characters on the make, under pressure and in distress.

As the threats and the troubles multiply, he is dragged into the racist, murderous world of the city’s hard right and a campaign of brutal Islamophobia. Finally he makes the connection back to Alfie’s last days and the astonishing truth about the young man’s death.

A tough, current story which pulls no punches, from the author of Closing the Distance and Changing the Odds.

Paperback: 350 pages
Publisher: Williams & Whiting
ISBN: 978911266648

Praise from readers

“Closing the Distance” is a terrific read. The action is tough and the story moves at pace.

— Sarah Herring