“Changing the Odds”

Syme Park, the uber-expensive domain of the great and not so good, was situated above the Avon Gorge – close enough to the city for residents to eavesdrop on the world below, but far enough away for them not to have to care about it.

There were no mean streets in Syme Park; at least in the physical sense. But mean, as in cold hearted and black spirited, they were a throwback to the oldest ‘everyone else can go fuck themselves’ attitude of all. They had laburnum hedges, gated security systems and manicured lawns. And Downs Avenue was truly exclusive.

Prominent Syme Park Millionaire Disappears… The story of the Bristol PI and the blood stained parquet floor grows curiouser and curiouser.

As the headlines grow more cynical by the day, Jack Shepherd knows that his search for a missing retired bookie can only end in misery. And he is pitched into a world of ruthless exploitation, unbending violence and a heart-stopping confrontation with old enemies – the city’s criminal royalty, the Settle family.

Another masterly thriller from the author of Closing the Distance.

Paperback: 356 pages
Publisher: Williams & Whiting
ISBN: 9871911266662

Praise from readers

“One Fight at a Time” has an exhilarating pace, at its heart a fascinating puzzle and plenty of twists and turns. Holds attention throughout.

— Andrew Puckett