4th Jack Shepherd thriller

Please to announce that the new Jack Shepherd thriller- “Bending the Rules” – is out.  Published by Williams & Whiting.

It begins with the death of a low rent solicitor.  This from the opening…

Avery Wells may have known where a lot of bodies were buried. But he lost his memory after someone blew the side of his head off with a .38 calibre bullet, on the beach at Western-super-Mare.

He wasn’t universally adored, but the ferocity of his demise behind the wheel of his Citroen Picasso – parked at the south end of Marine Parade – puzzled all those who had cause to consider the business.  56 years old, he had operated out of the same office in Keynsham for the best part of thirty years.  Half a dozen personal brushes with the law during that time, hadn’t darkened his horizon or diminished his doggedness. He had consumed some minutes musing over the difference between right and wrong down the years, and he was smart enough to know which way was up. 

So what was he doing on the beach at Weston in the middle of the night?

The police conclusion is suicide.  Avery’s sister doesn’t agree and hires Bristol PI Jack Shepherd to investigate. Whereupon troubles come thick and fast – courtesy of a billionaire data broker, a dangerous chancer, an uber-expensive QC, a desperate wife, and a vicious low grade ponce.  Shepherd wades into a sludge of corruption, sleaze and murder, as the closed police case on Avery Wells morphs  into a bitter and violent investigation.

Published in paperback, ebook and on Kindle.


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