An Interesting Year…

Hi Comrades

A lot has been happening in 2014.   In my new day job as well as the old one.   So chronologically…

We opened our new village cinema “The Majestic” in January, with a screening of Ben Affleck’s terrific film  ARGO.

CLOSING THE DISTANCE was published in February, and has garnered lots of praise from the readers.   Thanks to all of you.

I spent the late spring, editing and writing a couple of drama documentary treatments for a producer friend of mine – which are now in the hands of commissioning editors.

I followed this, with a pilot for a half hour comedy drama series –  which has now disappeared into the black hole that is called ‘development’.

Then in July, I returned to Jack Shepherd and, last month, completed the first draft of  the second book in the series – CHANGING THE ODDS.  More work to do on re-drafting, of course, but that should keep me busy until the New Year.

So meanwhile…  A Merry Christmas to you all; and my best wishes for 2015.



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