The Strange World of Gurney Slade

I’ve just re-visited this forgotten work of genius by the late great Anthony Newley.   An ITV comedy series from the 1960s shot (amazingly) on  35 mm film.

A sitcom actor, fed up with the desperately un-funny stuff he is doing, walks out of the TV studio into a world of his own invention.

He talks to dogs; re-creates in his imagination people he meets, the objects he sees on advertising hoardings and in shop windows.  Changes his name to Gurney Slade (actually a village Newley once visited while filming in Somerset) and begins to live in his strange new world.

The series is absurd, serious, funny; bursting with imagination; and brilliantly played by Newley himself, and a bunch of TV actors who are now  household names.  Created long before the Pythons and Reggie Perrin – who owe a substantial debt to this work.

Re-printed and re-mastered, the series is now available on DVD.  Buy yourself a copy, look and listen and marvel.

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