double quote markDown the years, it has been a privilege to work with writers, actors, producers and directors; in theatre, television and cinema. Every project a collaboration.

‘Closing the Distance’ was the first lonely thing I had done. I learned that the process was creative yes, exciting certainly, but ultimately a question of determination and stamina.

My interest in crime writing was sparked by my parents’ collection of John Creasey and Edgar Wallace novels on the bookshelves at home. I discovered Eric Ambler when I was a student. Then Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler and Ross Macdonald and Elmore Leonard. And Sue Grafton and Robert B Parker. Another one of my heroes, Stephen J Cannell, said about writing crime stories… ‘All the way through, keep asking yourself – what is the bad guy doing?’ I appreciate the debt I owe them all.

The crime section in bookshops and libraries is a crowded space. But crime is a flexible commodity. Uniquely, it gives the author enormous scope. And in the best of hands it can cross boundaries and embrace all other genres.

So please read on…

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"Cloning the Hate" is a superb political thriller. The series gets better, more passionate and powerful all the timeMystery People