An alternative to Amazon?

In the books department that is…  Currently, with some books, Amazon are saying there will be delays with deliveries.  So friends, look elsewhere.  To other online  booksellers,  like BooksEtc at , and the Book Depository at; who have copies in the UK ready to distribute.  All of which begs a question.  Why the Amazon delays?  Is it because Amazon UK ordered copies aren’t being delivered from the UK at all, but from warehouses in the US with cheaper deals?

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Huge thanks to Williams & Whiting for new 3 book deal. First up "One Fight At A Time" featuring new character Ed Grover. A 2nd Grover to follow and then a new Jack Shepherd. A busy 2018 ahead.

Out now @KarlaForbes 's 4th Nick Sullivan thriller The Gift of Death - an exciting rollercoaster ride of a thriller about what happens when charity donations get embezzled and are used to fund a politcal overthrow

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Helen.... Thanks for the note and re-tweet. A pleasure to read "Taking Liberties".

@TripFiction @damppebbles @Jeff_Dowson Thank you for this. The review perfectly encapsulates everything I try to do in my writing ❤️

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